• December 13, 2011
  • Dr. Catherine-Anne Walsh

Before I start my holiday season technology detox, I just wanted you all to know that all the wonderful people who have contributed to my practice’s day-to-day running all through the past year, have made me one very proud woman! 

This year, The Dentist at 70 Pitt Street has reached a whole new level of maturity, service excellence, teamwork and sophistication in the way we work.

As we take some time to reflect on the year gone and count our blessings, I would like to say “Thank You” to

 My husband, for enabling me to run a business without compromises, for working 100 hours per week so that I can proudly say that I am doing my dream job.

My staff, my wonderful team of hard-working women with insane passion for making a difference while being different from the rest! They are all so unique in their character and their personalities, yet, we are like sisters! They teach me new things every day and keep me humble. They drive me to dream on and take on new challenges so we can all have an even better future in this industry!

My lovely clients, who have stuck with me from day dot, who have trusted me when I made changes, who believed I still had their best interest and good health at heart when new people came on board, all of whom I now know by name, whose children and grandchildren I am looking forward to meeting, who have cried and laughed and confided in me, who are now my friends. You are my kind of people and this practice is and always will be your sanctuary. All those who came and went and did so with a smile, in hope our paths may cross again one day.

My beautiful Charlie, insightful beyond her years, for making me laugh when I thought I had no strength to do so, for making me have another look at the world and teaching me to see beauty where I never saw it before. Thank you also to all those I didn’t mention but who know I love and think of them. Have a peaceful, joyful holiday season and a prosperous, happy New Year. Tijana (I will be taking a blog-holiday until January 12th 2012)

Dr. Catherine-Anne Walsh
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Dr. Catherine-Anne Walsh

Catherine-Anne is a New Zealand-qualified dentist. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Health from Sydney University and she has a broad range of experiences from working in both the public and private sector.


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