• October 28, 2016
  • Dr. Catherine-Anne Walsh

Do you know what this coming Monday is? Aside from the beginning of another work week, it’s Halloween! Will you be getting your Halloween on this year? Sadly, we may not be handing out lollies at the practice but we would love to see your best “trick or treat!” costumes.

Now, Monday will be a great excuse to indulge in sugar and all things sweet and we would like to remind you to take good care of your family’s dental care the treats are only for Monday. When the clock strikes twelve o’clock, all gobbly creepies will have to hide away for another year, and perhaps you should send any extra lollies packing with them? Easier than giving in to the treats, and possibly the cavities that may result from them?

We at the Dentist hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween! (however, you choose to observe it!).

But please always remember about tooth hygiene and cleaning. For more on Halloween tooth safety, see the ADA at: http://www.ada.org.au/News-Media/News-and-Release/Media-Releases/Special-treats-should-be-for-special-events

Dr. Catherine-Anne Walsh
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Dr. Catherine-Anne Walsh

Catherine-Anne is a New Zealand-qualified dentist. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Health from Sydney University and she has a broad range of experiences from working in both the public and private sector.


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