This year, dental health week is all about preventing tooth decay. This year’s campaign is extremely important as tooth decay is on the rise, especially amongst children. As the dental health week’s website states: “by age six, HALF of all Australian children will have tooth decay”. There are two main reasons for this: children are not brushing their teeth properly (most parents are not aware that they have to brush their children’s teeth until they are six years old) and chidlren are consuming more sugar in their diet. 

Luckily, the Australian dental community have prepared a great resource for parents and children and hopefully, we can all share the information with all our friends. 

To access some detailed information and help your whole family prevent tooth decay, please visit the dental health week website, or click on the picture above! While you’re there, check out the “Previous campaigns” link on the website and get informed about other dental topics. 

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